Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smiles Around the World!!

LOOK what I found.... one of the hardest fabrics to find...out of print....
it's the cutest fabric ever!!! I have had a dress or something for Esther made out of this print since I saw it...then couldn't find it.........I'll admit, I did find a piece about 2 years ago with a blue background from a seller in Australia!!... I was so excited to buy it, I didn't consider the money exchange difference...and ended up paying WAY more for any dress fabric that ever in my life--about $50 per yard!!! BUT, I didn't pay that for this.. thank you Lord!! here's for the cutest POPPY DIPS for all the Little Children of the World!! It's now listed on my fabrics page!!

1 comment:

  1. Sallee.... I WANT one of these:) I was wondering if you can make a long sleeve & we can use this during the fall? If not, that's OK...
    Can you make me one in the new Zoie size (it was perfect:) I'll paypal you!! I LOVE THIS FABRIC!!
    I'll email you too.