Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Re-cap of Orphan Sunday/Veteran's Day!

We were so privileged to be part of the Orphan Sunday event here in TN this past Sunday ~ November be in a room gathered with others who 'just get it' !!
You can go to the Gospel Music Channel and watch the video for the next few days. Steven Curtis Chapman was fabulous!! The speakers spoke right to our hearts... right from our Father's heart.
The World Children's Choir spurred on some dancin' in the seats~~ Solomon and Esther LOVED the children and their voices singing out unto the Lord!!


To those who serve our beautiful
United States of America
not just today, but every day...

Thank you for your commitment,
your bravery,

your sacrifice.

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  1. Sallee,

    We were there too!! It was AWESOME...I couldn't stop crying though. Your family is PRECIOUS!