Wednesday, January 27, 2010

♥hEaRtS & pOpPyDiPs♥

gReEtInGs EvErYoNe..

iT's MaDiSoN oVeR fRoM dIsFrOmAgE..
gUeSs WhAt!?
It'S aLmOsT vAlEnTiNe'S dAy!

mY 'liL sIsTeR ,eStHeR, iS sTyLiNg In HeR aDoRaBlE hEaRt PoPpYdIp PaNtS!

wHy NoT pIcK oUt A tWiRl.. PaNtS.. oR A dReSs fOr YoUr LiTtLe VaLeNtInE?

pAiR iT uP wItH a wHiTe T♥sHirT & a ReD hAiR fLoWeR.. a PaIr Of BlAcK MaRy JaNeS..
sOmE fUnKy StRiPeD lEgGiNgs.. a BlAcK cArDiGaN..

Or MaYbE eVeN a rEd CoWgIrL hAt & ReD wEsTeRn BoOtS?

tHeSe sWeEt LitTLe DrEsSeS aRe PeRfEcT fOr pArTiEs, pLaYdAtEs, & aLmOsT eVeRy OcCasion!

fEbRuaRy Is CoMiNg qUiCkLy... pIcK oUt A pOpPyDiP sOoN!


  1. aww....adorable pics! soon as we get our little girl I would love to get some stuff from you ! Love it!

  2. I'm promoting your Valentine's clothes at my blog and on facebook today!

  3. She is absolutley adorable! Love the outfit!