Thursday, September 16, 2010

{My getaway to WA}

We three sisters!!
youngest ~ Ruthann with baby #3 due in Jan!! lives in New Mexico
oldest girl Me!!~ with baby #6 ~ Samson Jude to come home soon!?!
middle ~Michele
lives in Washington ~ no babies yet!! just FOUR big dogs :)

My sister Michele won 1st in a Triathlon in Bellingham Washington!
She is amazing!!
Just look at those abs!

this is my Mom --lives in Wyoming! ~ 6 kids ~ 3 boys/3 girls!!

and I was FREEZING!! WA was not like hot humid Tennessee!!

after the race on Sunday we were treated to a delicious brunch

and then...
after a long day of flying and waiting at the airport ... I awoke from a nap to see my sister~in~law working the very flight I was on!!
Christa and Nate (my brother 2 yr. older) are expecting their 1st baby in January!!

as for sewing... I'm am SO busy chasing paperwork for Samson that I've not have too much time to sew.. please be patient and I hope to have a sale sometime...just not sure when I can get it all done! fall (thinking October) and Christmas (thinking November)!
custom orders always welcome!!

new fabrics!!


  1. Sallee, your family glows!! What a treat to see your sisters--so happy for you--we are talking alot about little Sampson here--praying for you all! Love, Gillian

  2. What a sweet, blessed family! So glad you got to enjoy your family. :0)

  3. You have a beautiful family Sallee! You were just a couple hours from me! How fun!! I'm sure you were freezing...we're having an unusually crummy fall. September is usually beautiful in the Northwest! So neat to spend time with your sisters!

  4. Congratulations to your sister!

  5. AMAZING!! Love the pictures! So much fun!!