Thursday, October 7, 2010

SALE TODAY!! all sold!! THANK YOU!!

think of our Samson Jude!! plane tickets!!

Ready made NEW dresses and twirls
short sleeve Poppy Dip dresses $25
long sleeve POPPY DIP dresses $35
twirls $25
shipping flat $5 - for any amount purchased!
You MUST contact me first with your requests
button at top!

Long Sleeve
left to right
Tiled Primrose 18 mo SOLD!!
Lollipop Oz 24 mo SOLD!!
Hallmark Trees 24 mo SOLD!!
Scarecrow Remix 2T SOLD!!
Freebird 2T SOLD!!
Be Merry Snowman blue 3 -SOLD!!
Wild Thyme 3 SOLD!!
Olive Bursts 3 SOLD!!
Christmas Snow Flower 4 SOLD!!
Heather Bailey Circles 4 SOLD!!
(all parts different!) Petalicious 4 SOLD!!

Long Sleeve

left to right
Willow Wren Red 5 SOLD!!
Petalicious 5 SOLD!!
Basic Grey Blush 6 SOLD!!
Be Merry Snowman Green 6 SOLD!!
Freebird 7 SOLD!!
Flower Fields 7 SOLD!!
Christmas Snow Flower 7 -- SOLD!!


left to right
Pop Daisy Turquoise 24 mo SOLD!!
Scrappy (all parts different) Petalicious 24 mo SOLD!!
Basic Grey Blush 24 mo SOLD!!
Willow Wren Red 2T SOLD!!
Be Merry Snowman Green 2T SOLD!!
Nutmeg Leaves 2T SOLD!!
Scrappy (all parts different!) Cosmo Cricket 3 SOLD!!
Willow Wren Red 3 SOLD!!
Hallmark All Color Trees 4 SOLD!!
Hooty Owls 4 SOLD!!
Nutmeg Leaves 5 SOLD!!
Holiday Magic Olive 5 SOLD!!
Cosmo Cricket 6 SOLD!!

these will fit any size... just select the length you prefer and then send me her waist measurement and I'll put in the correct elastic size!

left to right
Merry Snowmen Blue/Red 9 1/2" SOLD!!
Triangles n Hooty Owls 9 1/2" SOLD!!
On a Whim Owls 10 1/2" --SOLD!!
Flower Fields 11" --SOLD!!
Cosmo Cricket 11" SOLD!!
Scarecrow Remix Brown 11 1/2" SOLD!!
Metro Market Apples 12" SOLD!!
Trellis 12 1/2" --SOLD!!
Scarecrow Remix zigzag 12 1/2" SOLD!!
City Blooms 12 1/2" SOLD!!
Nutmeg Leaves 14" SOLD!!
Sway Flower 15" SOLD!!
Christmas Snow Flower 15 1/2" SOLD!!
City Blooms 18" SOLD!!

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  1. Tried to email, having trouble. Do you still have these available?
    Triangles n Hooty Owls 9 1/2"
    Lollipop Oz 24 mo
    Nutmeg Leaves 2T
    thank you!

  2. Sallee there is nothing left to buy in my Little Miss' size! That is so incredibly awesome for little Samson Jude! What a blessing from above. It is only past 7 a.m. here in California!!

    Blessings to you sweet friend I am so happy you sold out


  3. Wow! I am so happy you sold out too, but bummed I didn't get in on it! (I found your blog through Lucy Lane's.) I am wondering if you will still be taking orders for Christmas? It sounds like you are traveling soon to pick up your precious boy. I will check your blog again to see if you have Christmas order cut-off dates (or if you're taking a break since you'll be traveling). Thanks!


  4. Beautiful designs as usual... can't wait to add to our PD collection!! :)

    ~ Tanya