Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poppy Dip Sale today! ALL SOLD!!

Poppy Dip dresses for sale $25 each + $5 shipping ALL SOLD!!


the sale will only be today as I'm due for my 4th chemo treatment tomorrow

Jeevan/Sashi 24 mo -ruffle a tad longer SOLD!! Sweet Treats Turquoise 2T SOLD!!Barclay Snails 2T SOLD!!Sweet Nothings Scrappy 3 SOLD! Kumari Garden Sanjay 3 SOLD!!Gypsy Scrappy 4 SOLD!!Sweet Treats Turquoise 4 SOLD!!

Gypsy Scrappy 5 SOLD!! Barclay Snails/Pink 5 SOLD!!Sweet Nothings Paisley 6 SOLD!!Piece of Cake Daisies 6 SOLD!! Barclay Flowers 6 SOLD!!Gypsy Bandana 7 SOLD!!Sugar n Spice Argyle 7 SOLD!!


  1. Oh, I am way behind here on the west coast! I missed it :o( Next time I will wake up before the crack of dawn to get one of too cute dresses!
    You are still in my prayers, daily!

    "But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever. I will praise You forever, because You have done it; And in the presence of Your saints I will wait on Your name, for it is good." Psalm 52:8&9
    Love Lydia

  2. man i missed it too! That was quick!! Praying for you tomorrow!

  3. I didn't miss the sale, but, did miss getting something in my kiddos size! I just wanted to drop by and send you internet hugs! I am praying for you daily, and pop over often to see updates! So happy to see you sew-you are awesome at it!! Hang in there, my friend, the Lord is in control! (((HUGS)))
    Sabra :O)