Friday, April 30, 2010

May 1st ANNOUNCEMENT!! the winner is... SALE

Just look how good GOD is!!
what a blessing...what a provision!!
THANK YOU to each one of you !!
so I'm going to have 2 winners (one from email and one from comments)!!
LaShawn ~ emailed her guess #1050Sarah~ As for Me and My Household #1049
So with this 40th birthday, I'm told 'things' will begin to wear out... well as a matter of fact... my serger quit this week... my iron broke... I gained 7lbs.!! ... my kids fussed and fought more than I could keep up with...and...and...
Thank you Lord for a new year to serve You... I pray I'll honor you as Your child...a wife.. a mother.. a friend.. and in all areas of life!!

Look at my very own birthday cake that my sweet friend Beth gave me yesterday when we went to lunch!! celebrating ~Abby in her Paisley PoPpY DiP Izzie, Sofie, and Gracie in their TwIrLs!!

so lets have a sale !!

(and being my serger is now fixed...keep posted as I'm sewing about 20 TWIRLS for another sale just as soon as they are all made up!)
Happy Birthday Sale on New POPPY DIPS
$20 each
$ 3 shipping first class/ 2 or more $5 Priority Mail
hit 'contact' at the top !!
( to right
Petal Punch 18 mo SOLD!!
Ocean Ta Dot 24 mo SOLD!!
Cosmo Cricket Yellow 2T SOLD!!
All Stars 2T SOLD!!
Zig Zags Pink 3 SOLD!!
Leanika Jardin 3 SOLD!!
Ocean Ta Dot 4 SOLD!!
Storybrook Paisley 4 SOLD!!
Birdie Yolka Dot 5 SOLD!!
Red Pop Garden Flowers 5 SOLD!!
Woodland Delight BIG flowers 6 SOLD!!
Simply Sweet Squares n Lemonaid 7 SOLD!!

OH I just found another that I had sewn hanging in Esther's closet waiting for this sale!! guess that means my mind is going too !!!
yes--it's new... no photo...but this is the fabric...
Dizzy size 5 SOLD!!


  1. I would like to buy the red pop garden dress size 5. Please let me know what to do.

  2. Beautiful prints. I seen the 'Americana' stars one in 2t is sold...otherwise I would've been on that one! :) Happy Anniversary... you are SuPeR WoMaN with that serger and sewing machine of your' put shame!! ;)

    I am SO excited to get the PoppyDip twirl skirt we selected from Shannon's give-away... any chance it will be here soon? We leave for China in just over a week and I'd love to bring it with. If not, no worries...Just checking!?!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    ~ Tanya

  3. Happy birthday Sallee....and WOW that is a lot of sewing, but we are so glad that you do it!!!!

  4. Tanya,
    Just sent you an email... please leave me a comment if you didn't get it??? or please email me
    thanks sallee

  5. That is incredible!!! Congratulations and that cake is just gorgeous!

  6. man! too slow :)


  7. oops! & Happy BirthdaY!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Sallee! Happy Birthday. Stop by sometime. There's a happy surprise waiting for you. :)