Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ways to help...giveaways... free POPPY DIP TWIRL

Just wanted to post...
give-aways and ways to help others
click on each and take part !

Texas to Ethiopia ~ the cutest bottlecap Ethiopian hairbow!!

Junk Posse ... giving a cute Africa shirt!!

Babe of My Heart is helping can too !!

INTO THE STREETS OF ETHIOPIA-- a give away from Junk Posse (Tracy has such a giving heart!!) -- and another way to help!!

And Babies Make Four... cute clothes and helping out !!

147 million orphans ... some new shirts for sale... take a look!! buy one or 2 !!

and how about a
Just leave me a comment...
telling me...
that you clicked on each of these giveaways/ways to help
what fabric you like best for your free TWIRL!!
TWIRLS fit any size because they are so full!!
I'll need waist and length... these fit from little to big!!
babies to teens!!
have even had one 'mom' order a TWIRL!!

click on the 'fabrics' page at the top

I'll choose a winner out of the hat on Monday April 26th


  1. I clicked on each link. Love the Junk Posse shirt. If I am chosed for the free twirl. Love the black and white fabric (birds and bees)

    jennarm at earthlink dot net

  2. sorry for the type O....chosen...not chosed ;)

  3. I clicked on each link. I love the All Stars fabric!!

    Corinne S.
    daisy41203 at gmail dot com

  4. I checked out each link...some great things going on. Thank you for sharing. I would love to win one of your know I think you and your creations rock :) I love the new fabrics too... I think I love the funky owls in cream the best :)
    Have a great day!

  5. I clicked on all of the links and may even place a bulk order from 147 orphans to sell as a fundraiser. I love your dresses and twirls. If I would win I would like the Pop Daisy in Red fabric. My daughter is 8 so the largest you make the twirls would probably be best. Thank you!

  6. I clicked on each of the them I want to buy from them all. lol. If we are chosen for the Twirl Aurora loves the " retro umbrellas in pink" fabric. Thanks for sharing these sites!

  7. Oh, I hope I win!!!

    I clicked on each link.

    I would love to see my little girly in Simply Sweet Yellow and Pink Polkas :)

    Jodi Lewandoski

  8. I saw the MJ fundraiser through the MJ blog too... as an adoptive mom, I of course, would love to help another family be created! I clicked on them all and am amazed as always at the support for orphans all over the world and through our blog community.

    Thanks for spreading the word! I would love to win a twirl for my daughter... not sure how the sizes would run but she wears a 4 in MJ. I love the Pop Daisy in Red with the wallflower trim!

  9. Thanks for sharing these links.....I clicked on each and LOVE LOVE the 147 orphan site and i spending money on shirts for me and the the messages it provokes to the unknowing people and the shirts are cool!

    i love your work and if you pick me, i love the B/W fabric and/or the kiddos of world that your daughter has in one of the pic....Happy sewing!


  10. I love to support adoption causes and have started looking for ways to do that with gifts, clothing, etc so this post is great! I loved clicking through all the links. I love the bolero in eggplant if I win!

    darlingbydesign at


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  12. I clicked on all the links. I buy things and give them as gift to help. I like the Wall Flower in Red or All Star Big Dot Brown if I win a skirt.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  13. Pop garden paisley ice! I went to all the blogs and posted on my Facebook about them!

    Thank you so much!

  14. so encouraging reading about all that people are doing for others!

    i love the yellow with pink polka dots (well, my daughter would...HAS to have pink!)

  15. Thanks for sharing the links, I checked them out too. This is fun!
    The feeling groovy black fabric is our favorite.

  16. Thank you for sharing all those links! I just clicked on all of them and it is great to know about opportunities to help with adoption. I love Pop Garden Sway Flowers. We pray for your family often.
    Rebekah Wright

  17. Thanks for posting!! FYI I am a HUGE fan of your dresses and can't wait to find out how big baby girl is and get her one of her own.

    I checked out the other giveaways. VERY cool!!

  18. I love your dresses and skirts they are so cute! I clicked on all the links (very awesome!) and I like the "feeling groovy BIG pink/green/orange" pattern the best. :)

  19. Hi Sallee!
    Fun! Fun!! Loved the fundraiser blogs! (ordered ANOTHER shirt from 147 million orphans(:)
    I would love the twirl in feeling groovy black. We love our twirls!

  20. Sallee - how wonderful for you to link to them all. I checked them all out. Thank you. Tracy

  21. Thanks for the great links, Sallee! I checked them out and found some great stuff! My fabric fav. is pop daisy, I think!

    Lisa H.

  22. I clicked! There are so many cute ideas for adoption fundraising! I can't wait to get started.
    IF I win I like:
    snorkel under the sea, snorkel beach towel, and deer valley columbine but ANY color would be awesome ;)

  23. Love it Sallee...bolera in eggplant is my fav...I love all Poppydips though...

  24. Hey there, Sallee! Loved all the links! The hairbows were too cute :)

    You know we love your stuff... but i think i like the black and white fabric for a twirl!

  25. Hi Sallee,
    Thank you for sharing all the links. I loved checking them all out. I saw some really great things. We love our Poppy Dip. We love the Pop Garden fabrics and the Wallflower red.
    Have a great weekend!

  26. Hi Sallee - It is always so inpiring and awesome to see how the adoption community supports each other! I love it! Thank you for compiling a list of fundraiser blogs! If I am chosen for the twirl (we LOVE our twirls, by the way!!), I would probably pick bolero in eggplant.

    Thanks! Rochelle :)

  27. Thank you so much for inviting me over! What an awesome way to spread the word about fundraisers. I went and checked them all out and I love reading about how God is using people for the cause of the orphan.

    OK, if I win I would love to have a twirl in the Flashy Wheels Yellow.

  28. Just announced the winner, a grab box and where to get them! :) :)

  29. Wow - some great giveaways! I checked out the links and the fabrics... if I win a twirl, I will ask my daughter which fabric she would like best :)

  30. Checked out all the links...Everything is so wonderful!!! If I should win a twirl, I love the bolero in eggplant fabric:)

  31. I visited all the links - I'm a huge fan of 147millionorphans & love their new baseball style tees (I already had the black/cream one but really need the light blue/cream one too!). My current fav fabric of yours is the pop paisley but they are all awesome!

  32. I clicked on all the links. What fun! My favorite fabric (today's so hard to decide, so it changes regularly) is petal punch jewel.

  33. Your dresses are so PRECIOUS! My husband and I just began the journey of Ethiopian adoption...we are planning to adopt a little girl. I am going to HAVE to get some of these dresses for her!!!!!

  34. I love your blog and check in from time to time as we are burdened about the orphan crisis. I am also interested in that you homeschool and still want to add to your family. I have 4 small children, homeschool the 2 oldest, and you give me hope that it can be done!
    I checked out each of the sites and loved reading about the different paths these families are taking.
    I love the fabric that the last "Ella" is wearing although I did not see it in your fabric section.