Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ports and things

the 'port' is in ... making the access easier for each chemo treatment... I'm scheduled 6 -- one every 3 weeks-- First one tomorrow in Nashville... I'm a bit scared --I guess the unknown? Thank you for your prayers

Gabe is still in the hospital (here in Columbia) and they won't let me visit him because of the 'germ' issue... makes me sad... but we do chat on the phone... He has to stay one more day as a precaution as he had so much inflamation around the 'now removed' appendix.... He sounds good...wish I could see him...

This journey is really 'growing' our family in so many ways. We are learning to trust and lean on Jesus even more... we also have to watch our tone and words as we all seem on 'edge'--just to be honest with ya!

I did sew if you can believe it? it helped to detour my mind a bit... not sure when I'll get them posted just 2 dresses so far... will probably do them as an auction... maybe I'll hit a 'new normal' during these chemo weeks? Funny how ya think you're done fund-raising ?!... as the Lord provided such wonderful POPPY DIP supporters that helped us to bring home our little Samson Jude!!... and then I thought I'd continue to sew for the 'post adoption' costs and with intentions of being able to help others on their journey of adoption.... never dreaming cancer-unexpected costs would come into life...

Please pray for my first treatment on Thursday... and thank you so much as the journey of life continues with it's new twists and turns...


  1. We are praying for your family, Sallee.

  2. Praying for you! Deuteronomy 33:27

  3. Just wanted you to know that the Lord brings you to mind multiple times a day...praying each time!

  4. I will be praying for you!

  5. I think about you often and pray God's grace and comfort are wrapped around you and your family as His healing balm covers you!