Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meet Talia...

Talia lives across the ocean...
in Saudi Arabia... and her mom explained it like this...
"how we know about you and poppy dip is something like ~
we know Maryann here in Udhailiyah who adopted 2 children from Ethiopia Maryann knows someone in Dhahran (on the coast of Saudi) because she used to work in Dhahran before Udhailiyah and that someone is a friend of yours from the US (mmmm that must be Adrienne!!)
There are about 10 little girls who all have a poppy dip....we were thinking of getting everyone together to take a picture soon!"

Poppy Dips are on sweet little girls all over the world!!


  1. I am telling you-you need to go BIG with the DRESSES!!!!!

    You Rock!

  2. how cute is she with those adorable curls and cute dresses! you need to make adult dresses because they look so comfy!!! i love your dresses and wish i had a little girl to dress up...maybe one day soon!!!

  3. Love love love !! she is adorable!

  4. That is awesome! And she is adorable!

  5. I've heard you have quite the following here in Udhailiyah! And I agree with "groovy mama"... you could go BIG with your stuff - it is just too cute!

    Love you sooo much Sallee!

    Your biggest fan, A.