Monday, May 10, 2010

~TwIrL SaLe ToDaY ~ ALL SOLD!!

WOW!! that was fast!! THANK YOU!!
these all SOLD in about 2 hours!!

$25 each
~ $3 first class shipping for 1 twirl
~$5 priority mail shipping for 2 or more

New and ready to ship... I'll need her waist measurement so I can put elastic in to fit!
any of these will fit up to size 30" waist!!hit 'contact' at the top! ( email
If you see something you like... be quick to contact as these usually go fast~

left to right
Simply Sweet Butterflies 9" SOLD!!
Bird Woodcut Garden 9 1/2" SOLD!!
Periwinkle Bali Gate 10 1/2" SOLD!!

Simply Sweet with Lemonaid Stripes 10 1/2" SOLD!!

Petal Punch 11" SOLD!!

Wallflower Olive 11 1/2"
Wallflower Red with Morning Glory 11 1/2"

left to right
Garden Tiles 12"
Vintage Betty 12 1/2" SOLD!!
Brickroad 12 1/2" SOLD!!
Simply Sweet Rosebuds 12 1/2"SOLD!!
Petal Punch 13 1/2" SOLD!!

Woodland Delight BIG Flower 13 1/2" SOLD!!

left to right
Ivory Arabesque Love 14" SOLD!!
Earthtone Peace 14" SOLD!!
Carbonation 14 1/2" SOLD!!
Lovebirds 14" SOLD!!
Beach Balls 14" SOLD!!
Bird Woodcut Garden 15 1/2" SOLD!!
Birdie Daisy 16" SOLD!!


  1. OH MY GOSH...i am in love with those...they are so cute! Too bad we don't know yet what our little one will be!

  2. the PERIWINKLE BALI GATE twirl pic above! i am wondering if you still have those fabrics? we are hoping to bring home our own ethiopian baby girl the end of july (2nd court date next week 6/16) and i would love a short sleeve dress of this pattern mix for her and a another one qith the fabrics swapped around a bit for my older daughter. Would love to have the dresses around the first of august. if this fabric is gone i need help woth more coordinating fun ideas!

    thanks! and i hope you are enjoying your break:)