Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our sweet baby girl...

took a bad fall off the front porch steps yesterday...
it was scary and lots of blood...
3 stitches with the BEST doctor in the world--Esther's Uncle Cummins !!
and NO-- I didn't handle it well...
my bigs were more worried about me than sweet little Es...

it makes you stop and take a step back to consider what's important in life!!
Thank the Lord she is okay and will be just fine...


  1. Oh Sallee! Bless her heart! Did that just happen today?!? I hope it heals quickly!

  2. Oh my! I pray she's feeling alright... and that you are feeling better too.

  3. I am sure that was so scary for your heart. I hope she is feeling much better soon.

  4. Oh,my, Sallee!! Love to you, sweet mama. We are sending our kisses for Esther. We love you, precious girl!!
    Love, The Tuckers

  5. Awww poor thing. That happened to Aurora the day after her 2nd birthday. We were in the mall and she ran right into a shelf..blood was everywhere. The lady at the counter actually had to take us into the back to get the bleeding to stop because I had no idea what to do! Scary. Worst part was holding her down while she got the stitches. But there's barely even a scar now! And she doesn't remember it.lol

  6. aw, poor girl! she still looks beautiful even with the blood and stitches:)

  7. Poor baby! I think after that both Mama -and- E need lots of lovin!

  8. Ouch! Bless her heart (and yours)! Hope you're both recovering! :)