Sunday, February 13, 2011

Isabella Line ... Monday's Auction for 2 TWIRLS!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

Monday's Auction--you may start bidding now! (however I won't be home until Sunday evening --and will update bids then :)
~ the daily auction to help pass time as we wait 'patiently' for Samson Jude's embassy date!! and help pay for the plane tickets!!

this auction is for 2 TWIRLS
top 2 bids will win!!


Isabella Stripe ~ Isabella Medallion ~ Isabella Mini Flower
all in periwinkle and brown
You choose the order
You choose your length and waist !!

and contact me -at top- (not comment)
I'll post the bids!

Last bids (2 this time!!) taken at 5pm on Monday Feb 14th!!

bids start now!! at $35
at $5 increments
Final Bid $65

Final Bid : $65

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