Saturday, February 12, 2011

An update before Monday's Auction...

we did NOT pass our embassy clearance
(this is to grant the visa to bring Samson Montie Couch- as courts deemed our son ~ yes we will rename him Samson Jude Couch!! the visa to bring him home)

the US embassy is requiring another document that the Ethiopian courts say 'NO' we will not give it...
this document is part of Samson's story and maybe we'll share some in time... but right now
we WAIT and PRAY and WAIT and PRAY...
knowing in our heads that GOD is the author of all and knows what is best...
but trying to tell our hearts it will all be okay???

Our friends that have become dear to our hearts ~ as they were with us in Ethiopia for the same court day ~ December 27 ~ have been given clearance to bring their precious children home. Each family will go this week and have promised to love on our Samson Jude!!

We can do nothing... but WAIT and PRAY and WAIT and PRAY ... and sew some!!
please PRAY with us!!

look at the treats Malia's Mommy and Daddy are taking for Samson!!
THANK YOU Ann and Nick :)

click on her sweet picture to read their blog!!


  1. Oh, Sallee, I am SO sorry. I know your heart is aching. Yes, the Lord's plan and timing is PERFECT even when we don't understand it sometimes. Still, the waiting is HARD. We are praying for you all fervently.

    rebekah {and family}

  2. Oh, no, Sallee, I am so sorry to hear this. We will continue to pray for all of you as the waiting is terrible. It is all in Him time even when we don't like His time table.

    many prayers,

  3. sallee, so sad to hear your news. I know there are reasons and God's timing and really good explanations, and I have faith for you and believe for you, yet I know how hard the waiting can be...although I know it must be even harder to have met him...still, I pray for you and lift you up and trust the Lord to carry you through. I respect you so much for sewing SO much SO well to bring your child home, I pray the Lord is glorified with your story of bringing home Samson Jude.

  4. Can't wait to see that little boy. We are going to shower you with photographs and videos of him. Oh, how I can't wait to love on him!

    Praying, praying, praying!!!

  5. I understand~! Praying. It will happen.

  6. Welcome Home!!!! My heart is sad today as we too are waiting on Embassy to clear us to travel while the two families we shared a house with our first trip, and who we had reservations to share another house with for our second trip, are flying now and will arrive tomorrow. We will hopefully be traveling next weekend, but won't et to be with them. I know you experienced the same thing, and it is encouraging to see you home!
    I must get a dress for my girl when you are ready to sew again.
    ~Angie D