Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Brother Gabe!!

loving technology already!!
naps together!! Samson was determined NOT to fall asleep...needless to say he did
but sitting up kind-a!!going to see the LIONS at the 'zoo'
who knew Addis Ababa ETHIOPIA had a zoo!! (lions-monkeys-deer-birds)
Samson's favorite was the duck that was quacking at him!!
lots of soccer in the courtyard of our guest house
silly play in the courtyard

long LONG long hours of flying --- makes for horseplay in the airport!! (DC)

ready to meet Adeline, Madison, Esther, and Solomon!!


  1. Oh my heart aches... so stinkin cute! I can't get over the nap picture LOL!

  2. Absolutely beautiful boys!!

    You are one blessed mama!!

  3. WELCOME HOME!!! So exciting!!! :):) Great pictures!

  4. Beautiful famly!
    love the pictures! I have a question about Hannah's Hope and two of the boys. Could you ever write me at
    Thanks tons!