Friday, March 4, 2011

our family of 8 !!

Our newest blessing!! Samson Jude Couch
Esther is a 'little mother' to her new brother!!
she is amazingly patient with him!
our precious little Ethiopians!!
loves to go on walks with Daddy!
cutest little brothers in the WHOLE wide world!!
"tent mommy tent mommy tent mommy....!!" ~ SJ
anything with wheels!!
Sol's 4th birthday ~ 2 days after we arrived home!! yes--and extra 'special' friend in the photo!
"this life is rockin my world" ~ straight from her mouth!!
"what did you say?!!"
trying to learn 'pedals'
love my Daddy!
"Ad -de- line!"
Samson Jude Couch!
Loves to ride the 4-wheeler!

all photos by our 17 yr old daughter ~ Madison!! she's amazing don't cha think?!!
we'll have to steal her camera so that SHE is in some of these photos!!


  1. What a beautiful family! Congrats on all finally being together, Sallee!

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  3. Wow! These pictures of your family are rocking MY world! What beautiful family. (I'm a friend of Ann's from Fargo.) God bless!

  4. WOW! Your daughter is quite the photographer! The pics are unbelievable....just like your beautiful family Sallee!!!! :-)

  5. oh too cute...what a wonderful family :) kristi

  6. Sallee your family is beautiful! the joy on your kids' faces is priceless!!

  7. Love all the pics. Samson is ALL smiles!! Beautiful!

  8. Your family is just beautiful!

  9. Your family is beautiful! Welcome home, Samson...I am a poppy dip fan and we share a mutual friend in the adoption community. What a sweet blessing to see answered prayers!

  10. He could not be cuter.

    I have been praying!

  11. beautiful family...beautiful blessings!!

  12. WONDERFUL FAMILY....glad he is home and in your arms! LOVE LOVE the photo of the hands...incrediable.

  13. I'm a fan of Madison's photography! He is just precious...your family is beautiful.

  14. OMGOSH!!! SO BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to show these to my little Merry.

  15. God is so good, what a beautiful and blessed family! Love the photos, your daughter is so talented. I can't wait to see how God uses her talent in the future-He has big plans for her I am sure. :0)

  16. Those photos are amazing! Love your blog.