Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Some special friends sent stickers- dollies- necklaces- candy- cars (makenas!!)---LOTS of diapers for the babies!! - treats for the little children where Samson Jude was staying... it was such fun to sit down on the floor and have them crowd around with smiles!!
Thank you Carey!! Thank you Alice!! Thank you Shawn!!
Samson had fun looking at these photos and naming each of his little friends!!


  1. Ah so sweet! I love the 2nd pic down... the girl in the back kissing her baby doll! It just melts my heart to see all these sweet faces.

  2. Absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing these special moments with us, Sallee!

  3. Thank you for being Jesus' hands and feet to these precious babies!