Wednesday, March 9, 2011


sometimes lately we all feel like this!!
Samson Jude is doing amazing...
however it's most exhausting to try to meet everyone's needs as we adjust to a new norm...

I'm so thankful the Lord blesses me with little things that make me smile....
that I don't have to talk to or instruct !!


  1. Amen Sister! We've been home 9 months and we still all feel like that some days! :0) Thanks for reminding me to look for the OTHER things that make me smile!

  2. I think the feeling is contagious! Thanks for the silly picture it makes me smile. And the flowers are oh so pretty when all I see outside is brown.

  3. We brought home 3 kids on Feb. 19, and can SO relate to what you are feeling! Overall, we really ARE doing well, but oh my...I am tired! It's good for us to know we aren't alone, and to encourage and pray for one another. Lifting you up!