Saturday, October 30, 2010

Simply leave a comment... please

All you POPPY DIP supporters and those who have just found POPPY DIP...

In honor of Adoption Month--NOVEMBER a new parenting e-magazine is partnering with our family to help orphans across the globe find forever families… and they asked our family to be featured on their site!

SixSeeds has pledged to give us $2 for every comment under our article here:
click on SixSeeds and leave your comment there!!


You can say anything in the comment, make it short and sweet or leave a heartfelt note!

(Please just leave 1 comment per e-mail address, but do pass this along to anyone you know who cares about orphans!)

Not only will you be helping our adoption, you will also receive a weekly e-zine that talks about the best in good, family, fun!
(SixSeeds includes team members who brought you the Chronicles of Narnia movies, Waiting for Superman, Ramona and Beezus, best selling books, and other great family fun!)

Please take a minute to comment at SixSeeds
send others to our page
and spread the word about this unique offer

We have the entire month of November to comment, but please do it today! Then when you leave a comment... have your husband leave one...
call 10 friends and have them do it!!
post this on your blog
FACEBOOK about this

Those $2 add up!!

Thank you and pass it on!

We have 3 more plane tickets to buy!!
one for me--Sallee
one for Gabriel--our son going with me

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some details...

... we have our tickets!
... both Montie and I will go for the court date Dec.27
... we will get to see Samson Jude on Christmas night or early the next morning!!
...our stay in Ethiopia will be short
...we will come home WITHOUT our sweet little boy!
...being Ethiopia requires 2 trips now!!
...we will wait for the embassy date
...Gabriel and I will travel back to Ethiopia to get our sweet little boy!!

...Poppy Dip sewing is coming to an end!

...December 1st will be the end ~ unless my fabric stash runs out before then...

...I hope to come back to sewing next spring or early summer

...THANK YOU for all your support in dressing these little girls in POPPY DIP creations!

...some random photos of life here at our house!

Blessings to ya all!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ready Made POPPY DIP dresses
short sleeve $25
long sleeve $35
twirls $25
shipping $5
MUST contact me first!!

THINK of our little SAMSON JUDE in Ethiopia!!
we are saving for plane tickets to go to the court date--- and then return to pick him up
tickets are HIGH at the
holiday season ~ like double what they normally are!!!
so if you want to
double your payment for your SALE POPPY DIPS!!
teasing!! :)

left to right
Groove 18 mo SOLD!!
Scrappy Red Polkas 24 mo SOLD!!
Little Flakes 2T SOLD!!
Glitzmas Blue 3 SOLD!!
Yule Trees 4 SOLD!!
Scrappy Turquoise 5 SOLD!!
Disco Dot Sorbet 6
Little Flakes 7 SOLD!!

left to right
Dots in Snow 18 mo SOLD!!
Scrappy Mezzanine 18 mo SOLD!!
Lecien Snowflakes 24 mo SOLD!!
Riley Blake Trees 24 mo SOLD!!
Hallmark Bulbs Blue 2T SOLD!!
Scrappy Red Polkas 2T SOLD!!
12 Joys of Christmas Vintage 3 SOLD!!
Yule Trees 3 SOLD!!
Scrappy Holiday Stripe n Dots 4 SOLD!!
Merrytown Trees 4 SOLD!!

left to right
Vintage Mittens 5 SOLD!!
Holiday Sparkle PINK ornaments 5 SOLD!!
12 Joys of Christmas Vintage 6 SOLD!!
Holiday Stripe 6 SOLD!!
Disco Dot Sorbet 7 SOLD!!
Glitzmas Green 7 SOLD!!

TWILRS will fit any size --- lengths posted send me her waist measurement and I'll put in the custom size elastic
left to right
Lecien Snowflakes 10" SOLD!!
Olive Christmas 10" SOLD!!
Merrytown Trees 11" SOLD!!
Holiday Sparkle PINK Ornaments 11" SOLD!!
Mezzanine 11 1/2" SOLD!!
Yule Trees 12" SOLD!!
Disco Dots n Dots 12 1/2" SOLD!!
12 Joys of Christmas Vintage 14" SOLD!!
Holiday Sparkle PINK Ornaments 14 1/2" SOLD!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adopting Miracles Fundraiser!!

click on the photo to enlarge!!

We have been invited to be included in the
Adopting Miracles Fundraiser!!
Our family on our way to Ethiopia to bring home Samson Jude....
the Krehbiel (click on their name)family bringing home twin girls 3yrs.
.... and the Green (click on their name)family bringing home a sibling set of three!!!

If you'd like to come... we'd LOVE to have you!!

if you can't come, but want to donate towards these 6 orphans coming home
you may use the CHIP-IN button at the left on my blog...
a $25 donation will enter your name to win an

please contact me

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010


the sale was VERY successful!!
Thank you to everyone who bought a POPPY DIP!!
we're squirreling the funds away for travel to pick up Samson Jude!!
we don't have 'travel plans' yet... and it even may be the first part of next year!
but with 2 trips ---2 tickets each ---and then even a
3rd return ticket for Samson Jude...
this support is amazing!!
THANK YOU again and again....


there will be another SALE the first part of November...
mostly Christmas prints
you can custom order ANYTIME!!
take a look on the fabrics page for something fun!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

SALE TODAY!! all sold!! THANK YOU!!

think of our Samson Jude!! plane tickets!!

Ready made NEW dresses and twirls
short sleeve Poppy Dip dresses $25
long sleeve POPPY DIP dresses $35
twirls $25
shipping flat $5 - for any amount purchased!
You MUST contact me first with your requests
button at top!

Long Sleeve
left to right
Tiled Primrose 18 mo SOLD!!
Lollipop Oz 24 mo SOLD!!
Hallmark Trees 24 mo SOLD!!
Scarecrow Remix 2T SOLD!!
Freebird 2T SOLD!!
Be Merry Snowman blue 3 -SOLD!!
Wild Thyme 3 SOLD!!
Olive Bursts 3 SOLD!!
Christmas Snow Flower 4 SOLD!!
Heather Bailey Circles 4 SOLD!!
(all parts different!) Petalicious 4 SOLD!!

Long Sleeve

left to right
Willow Wren Red 5 SOLD!!
Petalicious 5 SOLD!!
Basic Grey Blush 6 SOLD!!
Be Merry Snowman Green 6 SOLD!!
Freebird 7 SOLD!!
Flower Fields 7 SOLD!!
Christmas Snow Flower 7 -- SOLD!!


left to right
Pop Daisy Turquoise 24 mo SOLD!!
Scrappy (all parts different) Petalicious 24 mo SOLD!!
Basic Grey Blush 24 mo SOLD!!
Willow Wren Red 2T SOLD!!
Be Merry Snowman Green 2T SOLD!!
Nutmeg Leaves 2T SOLD!!
Scrappy (all parts different!) Cosmo Cricket 3 SOLD!!
Willow Wren Red 3 SOLD!!
Hallmark All Color Trees 4 SOLD!!
Hooty Owls 4 SOLD!!
Nutmeg Leaves 5 SOLD!!
Holiday Magic Olive 5 SOLD!!
Cosmo Cricket 6 SOLD!!

these will fit any size... just select the length you prefer and then send me her waist measurement and I'll put in the correct elastic size!

left to right
Merry Snowmen Blue/Red 9 1/2" SOLD!!
Triangles n Hooty Owls 9 1/2" SOLD!!
On a Whim Owls 10 1/2" --SOLD!!
Flower Fields 11" --SOLD!!
Cosmo Cricket 11" SOLD!!
Scarecrow Remix Brown 11 1/2" SOLD!!
Metro Market Apples 12" SOLD!!
Trellis 12 1/2" --SOLD!!
Scarecrow Remix zigzag 12 1/2" SOLD!!
City Blooms 12 1/2" SOLD!!
Nutmeg Leaves 14" SOLD!!
Sway Flower 15" SOLD!!
Christmas Snow Flower 15 1/2" SOLD!!
City Blooms 18" SOLD!!

and now go here and buy a cute shirt or two or three and be entered to go to ETHIOPIA on a mission trip!!
My Crazy Adoption

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

blurry sneak peek !

that's 7 am central... sorry it looks like a 1 am!! and I'll be asleep then!!

finally the fall sale...

on Friday!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

...think she has talent !

Madison -- our 16 yr. old twin -- is really taking off with her camera!!
take a look at her photo blog!
Dis Fromage

...and what fun she'll have with another little one to photograph...
we are almost there with paperwork to bring our little Samson Jude home!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Black Baby, White Mama

"He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young."
- Isaiah 40:11

Sarah let me 'copy' her photo... and what she had to say.

"..... God comforted me with the gift of this image. Even in nature, he reminded me, he gives black babies to white mamas. They are both sheep. They are exactly the same on the inside. It just so happens that the wool of one is a different color than the wool of the other. There is nothing weird or unnatural about it. They are a family, just the way that God intended. Lord, make us a family with the child that you have called us to love. Help us to see no difference but the color of our "wool." "


and now go to

Great new design...

If you would like to purchase a Go. Seek. Love. T-shirt, please go to