Wednesday, August 22, 2012

life as of lately...end of summer

Our summer ended with a week long vacation at the beach. It was time we needed to get away from everything as a family. Staying at Montie's parents' cottage right by the ocean, it was relaxing, or as relaxing as we could make it. Six kids doesn't exactly mean peace and quiet..... but still, in its own way, that vacation gave us time to breathe and do nothing strenuous. Besides, who couldn't use a bit of sand and sunshine?

All three littles are in school more home-schooling for now... We've gotten into the morning routine of breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed. With backpacks towering over their little figures, they walk into school. Excitement and enthusiasm describe their attitudes toward the whole idea. Esther and Solomon both jump on their homework and think its the best thing ever. Samson is enjoying pre-school on Tues/Thurs....Gabe is a freshman.. (where has the time gone?!). Though a little less excited about the work, he is happy to be back with friends. Adeline and Madison will start their college courses in the spring. This semester off will give them a little time to sort out exactly what classes they want to take. afterall, there's no rush. They are a tremendous help to me as we continue this journey....

I'm on another twelve weeks of treatment. The chemo this time is of a different kind, hopefully less harsh on me. My doctor's main concern for me now is the quality of life. Being able to spend time with family, not being in bed all the time, ...that's what matters now. The cancer has spread to my liver and so we pray daily for a miracle. Because of the type of cancer I have, my doctor says that I'll probably battle it to the end. We try to remember to live each day as if its our last, take every moment as it comes.

And so, that's about it. Hoping this post finds you well and happy.