Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TEAL ~ Auction #3 Done!!

Auction for ANY poppy dip style (read previous post for more info):::: short sleeve dress ~tunic ~ long sleeve~ twirl~ pants..........and I just may have enough for the top 2 bids!! Bids start at $20 and by $5 increments... Auction will end on Thursday evening... this Dazzle Teal print is BOLD and BiG!! very fun...please contact me with button at top to bid... FINAL bid $55


Monday, August 29, 2011

Hoot Hoot ! TEAL Auction #2 done!!

Teal = Tell Every Amazing Lady about ovarian Cancer (read more on previous post) Auction #2 - each starting at $20 by $5 increments- ending Wednesday at noon

Hoot Dress size 4 ~ Final BID $30

Hoot TwirL 13" (you send me her waist measurement) final BID $35

Friday, August 26, 2011

TEAL .... 1st auction ~ done!!

Tell Every Amazing Lady About Ovarian Cancer!!

On April 22, 2011 we found out that I had Ovarian Cancer (just a couple months from bringing home our sweet Samson Jude from Ethiopia)... this day has changed our lives... we believe our Father God holds each of us in His hands and we will be held through this difficult journey. As of right now, I am waiting for my 5th chemo treament.

September is National Ovarian Cancer awarness month. The Ovarian Cancer Awareness Alliance and me are encouraging you to wear teal this month, but especially this first Friday in September which has been declared National Teal Day.

Teal has become the ovarian cancer community's color as pink is for breast cancer. The community wants to use the color to serve as a reminder that ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer death among women.

A simple way to wear teal is to join in the campaign "Teal Toes." Simply paint your toe nails using a teal colored nail polish. Wear sandals or flip flops to show off your 'teal toes'. When someone comments on your bright toes, use the opportunity to teach them about ovarian cancer. You may learn more by visiting OCNA

AND with that said...

Esther and I have been 'shopping' for some cute TEAL fabric to sew up into POPPY DIPS!!

I'm thinking I'll do auctions on the fabric... every few days a new one will appear!

these $$ will help with the every mounting medical bill pile!!

the fabric piece/photo will be posted...

Auction price will always start at $20 (no shipping charge)

by $5 increments

auction ending at bedtime 8pm central time same day as posted

You get to choose from the styles on the HOME page ~ any size...

Hit the 'contact' button at the top

Sweet Nothings Teal ~ FINAL BID $50

keep watching and I'll post another fabric soon

Thank you!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 is off to a start.... smiling!

Thank you for your many prayers, encouraging words, gifts ~ my 'shot' is working as my 'counts' are up and I'm feeling pretty well. I'm very tired this time, but would take tired over pain anytime! We all so enjoyed my little sis coming for a visit and to help us out.... 2 more treatments to go...
God is good!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dancin' and GLOW bracelets...

laughing and having fun with my family... as chemo was good ... I'm flying high... knowing I will come down... but enjoying the day as it only ONLY comes from the Lord!!

(sorry no photos, as my Madison (our photographer) said it wouldn't work in the dark ~ sad face)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4th treatment...

our sweet little boys

please continue praying as I'll have my 4th treatment tomorrow ~ Thursday

then on Friday will have an 'injection' to help boost my immune system

I've heard this 'shot' makes your bones ache...

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart" is my promise to hold

Poppy Dip Sale today! ALL SOLD!!

Poppy Dip dresses for sale $25 each + $5 shipping ALL SOLD!!


the sale will only be today as I'm due for my 4th chemo treatment tomorrow

Jeevan/Sashi 24 mo -ruffle a tad longer SOLD!! Sweet Treats Turquoise 2T SOLD!!Barclay Snails 2T SOLD!!Sweet Nothings Scrappy 3 SOLD! Kumari Garden Sanjay 3 SOLD!!Gypsy Scrappy 4 SOLD!!Sweet Treats Turquoise 4 SOLD!!

Gypsy Scrappy 5 SOLD!! Barclay Snails/Pink 5 SOLD!!Sweet Nothings Paisley 6 SOLD!!Piece of Cake Daisies 6 SOLD!! Barclay Flowers 6 SOLD!!Gypsy Bandana 7 SOLD!!Sugar n Spice Argyle 7 SOLD!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Poppy Dip dress anyone?

So while time passes as my 'counts' continue to rise...

I'm going to do some sewing....

Just wondering if there is an interest in a POPPY DIP sale?

' thinkin first to middle of next week?!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Postponed.... again....

Today was my scheduled #4 treatment........... postponed until next week(again!)........ as my 'counts' are not where they should be. This is hard for me as I love schedules, lists, and checking things off........ so more bloodwork next week to confirm my body can take the 'treatment'. I KNOW without a doubt that God is in control and even rescheduling my life!


I will remember...

littles! my sweet new niece and nephew
my crazy family!!

and the sandy get away that was planned over 3 years ago, when I had NO idea this would be my journey in life.

God is faithful and in Him I will trust.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Celebrated !!

... my parents 50th anniversary at the Outer Banks, NC ...

more photos to come ... I am so thankful that the doctors allowed me to go ... it was such a blessings and such fun!!