Friday, July 31, 2009

Smocking vs. POPPY DIPS

Oh how I wish smocking was as easy as making a POPPY DIP....

and took the same amount of time to sew... doesn't!!!

Our sweet little Esther Yordanos still needs some of Mama's smocking, even if it takes her a year to do!!


Getting ready for an upcoming 'sale' at a friend's house.... it always is good to have some 'ready-made' POPPY DIPS to display-sell.... I just had to show this cute BABY POPPY DIP---size 12 months (with bloomers!!) in 'Pumpkins Gone Wild Funky Flower-cream' with 'Dots-walnut' bloomers... What a fun POPPY DIP to give as a gift...or keep for your baby!! this size seems to fit babies from about 3 mo and up...
(contact me if you want it!!)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smiles Around the World!!

LOOK what I found.... one of the hardest fabrics to find...out of print....
it's the cutest fabric ever!!! I have had a dress or something for Esther made out of this print since I saw it...then couldn't find it.........I'll admit, I did find a piece about 2 years ago with a blue background from a seller in Australia!!... I was so excited to buy it, I didn't consider the money exchange difference...and ended up paying WAY more for any dress fabric that ever in my life--about $50 per yard!!! BUT, I didn't pay that for this.. thank you Lord!! here's for the cutest POPPY DIPS for all the Little Children of the World!! It's now listed on my fabrics page!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dressin' Up is Fun to Do!!

Silly Girls!!

...and yet MORE Recycled POPPY DIPS!!--all SOLD!!

click on the photo to enlarge
So I found a couple more of Esther's POPPY DIPS...
If you want to buy a 'recycled POPPY DIP'---clean and spot free--- just drop me an email (hit the contact button at the top of the page).... they are $10 each with $2 shipping first class....
hanging left to right...
Dots---size 2T-but 20" in length SOLD!!
Safari Animals---size 2T-21" length SOLD!!
Owl Tunic Top-size 3T or 4(neck is the same for these sizes) -underarm to hem-12"-long sleeve-underarm to sleeve hem 10"--this is cute with leggings or jeans!! SOLD!!
Green stripe---size 4--serged hem SOLD!!

THANK YOU everyone for your contributions !! Every recycled POPPY DIP is SOLD!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Recycled POPPY DIPS!!--All SOLD!!

Our little Esther is growing and is having new POPPY DIPS made for her this fall.... So if you are interested in buying one that she outgrown~~ they are clean, spot free, and ready to play in!!... How about $10 each? (+$2 first class shipping)...type me an email if you're interested!!
Hanging left to right....
'Navy Stars --size 4 with 1" added in length--24" SOLD!!
'Smiles Around the World'--size 4 this fabric is not made anymore :( ... SOLD!!
'Citrus'--- size 4 SOLD!!
'Iota Circles'----size 4 SOLD!!
'Butterflies'---size 4 SOLD!!
'Sea Beauties'--- size 4 SOLD!!
'BIG black flower'---size 4 ~~ SOLD!!

ALL SOLD!! THANK YOU so much!! this all helps to bring our little one home!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Be the next family to win Miss IPOD TOUCH!!

Remember, a few days ago.... I was the winner!!!! we had some fun family shots of everyone WANTING my MR. IPOD TOUCH for Kari's blog!! take a look at another contest to win ~~ and help to send another on the Haiti Mission trip... click on Miss LuLu's iPOD TOUCH raffle

Holly Hobbie in a POPPY DIP?!!

Remember Holly Hobbie dolls and books....
Could this be the machine this POPPY DIP was sewn with.... for HOLLY HOBBIE?!!
NO--this is not Holly Hobbie, but a sweet little friend named Stella wearing her patchwork POPPY DIP!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A POPPY DIP Princess!!

"Lucy was sure that she was a princess when she had her POPPY DIP dress on!! Mom HAD to have this dress after seeing Zoie wearing the same dress in Branson at The Landing..." Angie

thanks Kari (Zoie's mom) for spreading the word about POPPY DIPS!! Don't forget to check out the contest
and win a FREE POPPY on Simply Love

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Check out this blog..... Simply Love There's another POPPY DIP contest!! Win a POPPY DIP dress FREE!!

Christmas in JULY!!

So here it is... CHRISTMAS in JULY.... I'm gathering cute POPPY DIP dress fabric for the upcoming season!! If you want a peek or want a POPPY DIP sewn up in one of these, email me!! ... I'll be putting these on the 'fabrics' page in September --but you don't have to wait until then!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

cRaZy, HaZy, LaZy DaYs oF sUmMeR

posted and pictures by:


"...Love these dresses! Great for playtime & berry picking......flower pickin', running through fields......birthday parties, and tea parties...SO many people have commented on these dresses! They love the fabrics! Your cards have been spotted around town. Not sure where they came from :)" click on the photo to see(another!!) Sweet Esther upclose!!

"Dorothy Dress" POPPY DIPS

"Wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!! We got our dresses today. They are both just beautiful!!! I put the "Inky Wings" dress on Chloe first. She called it a "bug Dorothy dress." (She loves the Wizard of Oz, and all dresses are some variation of a "Dorothy dress.") She was tickled to change into it right away. I love the little ruffle on the Inky Wings dress...such a terrific little "pop" of color! Too cute!"
"I couldn't tell you which of Chloe's new Poppy Dips I like better. They are both just darling! Today she wore the Kawaii Asian Stripe to the dentist, and then later we blew bubbles in the yard before naptime. "

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bug-striped cookies!!

Esther is a VERY early riser... and every morning she asks for a 'bug-striped cookie' (fudge-striped cookie!)---I know a very bad habit!! Anyways, this morning I was out of her special morning cookie, but had some 'grasshopper' cookies in the cabinet... So she was delighted in getting the same chocolate fix with a bit of yummy mint. Gabe was watching cartoons and said, "What-cha eating Esther?"........ She promptly replied, "I'm having a 'lizard-cookie'!!" She knew it was 'some' type of creepy crawly thing!! so funny!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evening of Food - Fellowship - Fun!!

We were blessed with an evening of food ~ fellowship ~ and fun... the Lord blessed us with amazingly cool weather for mid July?!!... (I apologize for the 'dark' photos---we are still trying to figure out this new camera!)--you can click on the photos to enlarge them!

our lil' group of ETHIOPIAN 3 year olds!!
all the kids waiting for their dinner!!
of course a POPPY DIP dress shot!!!
a 'reluctant' BOY shot!!
the little ones getting some love from Gracie and Adeline...
some yummy desserts!!
chatting over dinner Abby saying, "I'm three years old...."
smilely lil' Abby warmed up quickly!!
sweet lil' Ava peeking out of our little playhouse.... Jack smiled as he just got that spider!! (they had such fun trying to get every 'grand-daddy-long-leg!!'
silly Ayana ~~ she's quite a little ham!!
the kids loved looking at the chickens!!
a cute shot of little shoes climbing the gate....
the rope swing is always a big hit...
cute Bruik hangin on the gate...
a stroll down the lane....
We thank the Lord for our friends who have a heart for Jesus, heart for adoption, heart for families, and fellowship.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Emily, Annalise, Annie, and Gigi ~ our dear friends ~ smiling as they head off to church wearing POPPY DIPS!!