Friday, July 24, 2009

"Dorothy Dress" POPPY DIPS

"Wow, oh wow, oh wow!!!! We got our dresses today. They are both just beautiful!!! I put the "Inky Wings" dress on Chloe first. She called it a "bug Dorothy dress." (She loves the Wizard of Oz, and all dresses are some variation of a "Dorothy dress.") She was tickled to change into it right away. I love the little ruffle on the Inky Wings dress...such a terrific little "pop" of color! Too cute!"
"I couldn't tell you which of Chloe's new Poppy Dips I like better. They are both just darling! Today she wore the Kawaii Asian Stripe to the dentist, and then later we blew bubbles in the yard before naptime. "


  1. Boy oh boy, is that just the prettiest little girl or what?!? Oh, wait! That's MY little girl. No wonder I'm so enchanted!

    I love the collages you made, Sallee!

  2. For a second there I thought I was on Mama Duck's blog! heheh!! Beautiful dress! I may have to make an order soon...