Tuesday, August 31, 2010

until 100....

so I'm waiting until there are 100 comments on the post below to have the give-away!
taking the poll of what you like best!
so hurry and tell your friends to make a comment
(or send me an email and I'll comment for them)
in the meantime...
have had quite a few emails saying they love Esther's new little LONG sleeve POPPY DIPS...
left.. Coco Lollipop - size 5 with tad smaller neckline -- 25" length SOLD!!
right.. City Bloom Stripes - size 5 with tad smaller neckline -- 24 1/2" length--SOLD!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Let's take a Poll...

scroll all through these little POPPY DIP loving girls... there's a 'give-away' at the end!!!
...over the next few weeks {4-6 weeks} ~
as I can see you all love SALES!!
I'm going to sew a bundle of CHRISTMAS POPPY DIPS for a sale!
not the fabrics I have on the fabrics page...just some that I love and loved in the past!
I want to take a poll....what do you prefer?

short sleeve dresses?
long sleeve dresses?
Leave me a comment
so I can get an idea of what you want for this sale!
then I'll put everyone's name in the hat and draw a winner for a free poppy dip !!

as always... still taking custom orders !! look at the cute fabrics posted!

I'll post a winner when the comments hit 100!!
unless I'm not home and then you all check back...I'll do it as soon as I return !

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today ~ the last Friday in August ~ POPPY DIP SALE--ALL SOLD!!
thank you!!

new ready made LONG sleeve dresses $35 each
$5 priority mail shipping
you MUST contact me first ~ contact button at the top!!

left to right
Esther 18 mo SOLD!!
Cabbage Rose 24 mo
Open Poppies 2T
City Blooms 3
Glam Garden Vintage Splash 4
Cabbage Rose 5
Closed Poppies on Gray 6 SOLD!!
Esther 7

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long sleeve POPPY DIPS coming Friday!!!

Esther ~ long sleeve POPPY DIPS!!
(photos courtesy of our daughter ~ Madison!!)

last Fridays in August SALE ~ this Friday!!
long sleeve dresses ~ one in each size 18 mo - size 7

Monday, August 23, 2010

~darling by design~

Sara ~ a POPPY DIP supporter~ in the process of bringing a precious one home from Ethiopia!! ~ writes...
"I love how blogs connect people in the adoption world. When I found Poppy Dip dresses I knew they would be precious on the little girl's I photographed. I don't have a daughter so I started scheming to buy several as gifts for special little girl's in my life! I have been thrilled with the dresses I have bought and what could be better than getting a matching dress for a baby doll...
"The icing on the cake was knowing I could photograph these precious girls in their dresses! Photography has always been something I have loved and in the last several years God has blown me away in the ways he has blessed Darling by Design Photography. Photography is a creative outlet for me and when strangers started approaching me to photograph their children I was amazed. Looking back we had no idea what God had in store for the next several years. He grew our business by word of mouth and I have just been along for the ride. It has been a huge blessing to meet so many great families and capture the story of their families. This past fall my husband and I started the process to adopt from Ethiopia and photography has been a great financial blessing to our adoption. It's amazing how God works in those ways. We love to photograph all over and are willing to travel if you have a need for family pictures. We are often in the Nashville area for different events but live in Paducah, KY and serve the Western Kentucky area. We feel extremely blessed to be connected to an adoptive community and can't wait to use photography to help adoptive families create memories to last a life time!" ~Sara (click on her name for her blog!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

red, yellow, black , white, LOVE!

We love these shirts!! I was so surprised to be the winner of the giveaway... had already purchased these two for Sol and Gabe!
Click on over to the Texas Petes blog to purchase one of their adoption shirts
to help bring their baby home!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

little friends

Esther, Abby, and Solomon!

Sol's shirt is just so cute... Adoption Rocks!!... check them out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fridays Sale in August on Thursday!

new ready-made dresses
YOU MUST contact me first...
please do not pay before finding out if the POPPY DIP is available
(contact button at the top)

$22 each
$5 flat shipping fee
left to right
Garden Walk 2T SOLD!!
Funky Owls n Flowers 2T SOLD!!
Wee Woodland Alphabet 3
Glam Garden Watercolors 3 SOLD!!
Dots 4 SOLD!!
Wee Woodland Alphabet 4
Sunflower 5
Glam Garden Vintage Splash 5
Floral Bouquet 5
SOLD!!Large Fleur 6 SOLD!!
Petals in Pink 6
Arabella Red 7 SOLD!!

order any custom made POPPY DIP at any time
take a look at the fabrics page !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

notice!! moving Fridays in August sale to....

August 19th

I'm going on a short road trip with my good friend Beth...
Beth is Mom of 9 children...
just identified 2 1/2 yr old TWINS to adopt!!

so we'll get to chat and chat! oh what fun...

I'll post a link soon to their upcoming website

the Fridays in August SALE will be on Thursday this week!!
come back early on Thursday
find a ready-made
POPPY DIP dress for you!!

sweet little one from China

... looks so cute in her long sleeve POPPY DIP
perfect for the upcoming fall season!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday the 13th!!! SALE!!

come back next FRIDAY
ready-made dresses

contact me (button at the top)

$22 each
$5 flat shipping fee
left to right
Aldo Alphabet 18 mo SOLD!!
Winks 24 mo SOLD!
Pop Daisy Rose 2T SOLD!
Glam Garden Splash 2T SOLD!
Daisy Bugs 2T SOLD!!
Daisy Dance Stripe 2T SOLD!!
Lollies by Bike 3 SOLD!!
Flowers n Peace 3 SOLD!
Berkeley Tiles 4 SOLD!!
Poodle Flower Stripe 4 SOLD!!
Dogwood Blooms 4 SOLD!!

left to right

Frippery Big Flowers 5 SOLD!!
Olivia's Bloom 5 SOLD!!
Tanya in Turquoise 5 SOLD!!
Sugar Drop 5 SOLD!!
Berkeley Paisley 5 SOLD!
Frippery Roses 6 SOLD!!
Berkeley Flowers 6 SOLD!!
Hydrangea 7 SOLD!!
Tanya in Pink 7 SOLD!!
Pop Daisy Rose 7 SOLD!!

~ of course you can custom order any POPPY DIP dress ~
~ either short sleeve or long sleeve ~
~ tunic top ~
~ pants ~
~ twirl...

just listed lots of new fabrics ~ look at the 'fabrics' page !
Place your custom order today
and remember next Friday!!
every Friday in August SALE

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

there's the cutest little girl in China...

wearing a POPPY DIP!!

take a look at the blog!! she's on her way HOME with her Family!!
and I can't wait to meet her!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010