Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Long sleeve POPPY DIPS coming Friday!!!

Esther ~ long sleeve POPPY DIPS!!
(photos courtesy of our daughter ~ Madison!!)

last Fridays in August SALE ~ this Friday!!
long sleeve dresses ~ one in each size 18 mo - size 7


  1. Oh my!! I am going to have to get to the computer early!!!

  2. The boots are just too cute..!

  3. Ooohhhh! I'm taking pictures tomorrow and will get them to you!!!!! I love, love, love Georgia's long sleeve Poppy dips!

  4. what time zone you on? :) As part of my "buying with purpose" campaign I really want to get my neices these dresses and the sale price tag fits the budget much better!! I hope I make it in time tomorrow!! :) Thanks for the note on my blog..I'm putting you on mny list (and I snagged your button b/c I LOVE your stuff!! )

  5. we live in middle TN and I usually post the sales early :)thanks :)