Sunday, December 23, 2012

a letter from Montie

This Christmas, 2012, I reflect back upon the year, a year that has been marked with suffering.
Not that there has not been good times, I am a very blessed man.
I have six great kids and they bring great joy in my life.
I know they have kept me going, at times when I thought I could do no more.
But most of all, I have the greatest wife in the world. She is my best friend and knows me only second to my God.
At times I search for good out of all that we have been through.
First I see that it has brought us closer as a family. We have been forced to pull together and hold one another up. Though we all deal with Sallee's sickness differently, it all comes down to a single thing. You are forced to ask the question; why. Why did this happy? Why did God allow this?
I know God loves me and my family.
And its okay to ask God why.
I believe suffering is a mystery, at least to me, not to God. He has allowed it and He has a purpose. There will be answers one day, I am sure of that.
But for now we trust.
One great blessing that has come from all of this, is the opportunity to love my wife in a way that not many have the chance to.
Through caring and comforting her as we walk through this together.
If marriage is a picture God has given us of Christ, and His relationship with His people, then I can see a glimpse into the answer.
We as His people, are suffering through the plague of sin. Christ, through His great love for us, came this Christmas day, to one day heal us completely from this dreaded disease.
Though we suffer now, He is there to comfort us. Not always with answers, but the very giving of Himself.
All of Himself.
Nothing held back.
I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers and support. We are blessed to have all of you as part of our family.
Sallee continues chemo. Next treatment, next part of January.
Merry Christmas,