Saturday, July 25, 2009

Christmas in JULY!!

So here it is... CHRISTMAS in JULY.... I'm gathering cute POPPY DIP dress fabric for the upcoming season!! If you want a peek or want a POPPY DIP sewn up in one of these, email me!! ... I'll be putting these on the 'fabrics' page in September --but you don't have to wait until then!!


  1. Sallee, you are amazing!!!! I LOVE LOVE the new Christmas fabrics... I'll order soon!!! Love ya
    #1 Poppy Dip Fan

  2. Sallee,

    I would like to just email you, but for some reason it's not working! So, here is a rather long blog comment! :0)

    My family is in the process of adopting a son from Ethiopia! Our first adoption and we are so very excited about it. We are already hoping to do it again in a few years! I found your site from Kari's (and am entering her give-away for sure!)

    Anyway... I am starting to plan my daughter's 2nd birthday party and the theme is going to be "shoes", as it is her obsession! I would love for her to have one of your dresses to wear to the birthday party, but didn't see any "shoe" fabric choices. (I'm thinking like high heel, dress up style shoes or something like that) I was just wondering if you would be willing to look for some? Her birthday isn't until November 28th, so we've got some time, but I love to plan, so I always start as soon as my son's birthday party is planned (Aug. 5th)! :0)

    Please email me if you think this might be a possibility.

    Ashley (our private adoption blog - if you'd like for me to send you an invite, just let me know!)

  3. I love the Christmas fabrics! We are adopting 2 girls from Bulgaria! How I wish they would be here by Christmas... but as it stands it will probably be Jan. or Feb. :( ... Maybe NEXT Christmas!

    I put your button on my blog. My mom is ordering, or just ordered, my niece a poppy dip dress! Hooray! :)

    Congratulations on your upcoming adoption! You are very talented. :)