Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rest and Relaxation

Just a little post about the surprise MP had for me this weekend....First stop was to the Amber Falls Winery for some wine tasting...
I had never done this before, and it was such fun and so yummy...
especially the 'Raspberry Romance' with a bite of French Truffles
Then after a delicious catfish dinner at Fall Hollow, we nestled in our little cabin at Ridgetop Bed & Breakfast... MP thought of every little detail and put such love into making a restful and relaxing 2 days for me... He said I deserved it after our first week of schooling (yes- we waited until after Labor Day to start school)... after sewing POPPY DIPS with the count now up to 411... and just the daily life with our busy family...
Thank you MP!!
and thank you Adeline and Madison for taking such good care of Gabe, Esther, and Solly!! We love you 5 !! and can't wait until we can know # 6 !!

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  1. Ohhhhh my... I love your contests:))) I am finally able to think clearly with our adoption reunion over. I have a happy (2 books) and will email you soon for address & kiddos names. I'm dying to get a dress with Christmas fabric. Zoie wears her Poppy Dips everywhere. Today she pulled out her new tunic w/ long sleeves... I told her almost ready for fall!! :)
    love ya