Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Solly in a TWIRL---sssshhhhh don't tell daddy !!

I'm hoping to get back to doing some 'regular' posts!!.....I've got many photos from our lives to post--just so little time!!......I've been sewing like a crazy woman!! this is our Solly (Solomon Natnael--age 2) as my model for a POPPY DIP TWIRL that was ordered!! It's nice to have all sizes in the house when it comes to living mannequins!!! However Gabe would NEVER let me take his photo!! Solly thought it was fun and swishy :)


  1. Solomon is such a cute little boy and what a great model! Thanks for all your help! Cindy

  2. I just placed an order for a 2T short sleeve dress in "Girly Girl - Bubble Gum Lolly Pops." Can't wait to get our precious dress!