Saturday, June 26, 2010

a little info...

... in coming back to sew more POPPY DIPS on the day before July 1st... there will be a SALE of ready-made dresses at just $22 each... so look early!!

... also after sewing nearly 1200 POPPY DIPS in just a little over a year, I want to THANK YOU for all your support of our adoption... it has and is helping with the upcoming costs... and now knowing that we'll have to travel to Ethiopia 2 times. The prices have changed just a bit---you can take a look at the HOME page. In considering all the time of sewing taken away from my kids and hubs---considering that I only use quality name fabric --this must be done. Just consider it a cup of Starbucks coffee for the difference in cost!! and if you're ordering more than one... consider it taking your friend(s) for a cup!! Thanks for understanding...

... our adoption is still in the WAITING stage... we are in our 10th month of waiting for a referral. It's very hard as we remember Esther's entire process taking just 10 months and she was home... Solomon's just a few months more... This precious one is taking much longer... it's a bit like being pregnant without a due date!!

... still GOD is GOOD!


  1. As the happy owner of three (for now) Poppy Dip dresses and as maker-of-homemade-crafts I can say that your dresses are WELL-WORTH the price increase! I'll still be back for more!

  2. As Jamey states above- a proud owner of several Poppy Dips--we will keep ordering--not only because my precious daughters look sooo cute in these and they are so easy to care for and wear-but because they are going to further HIS kingdom! I hope one day to adopt a precious child that needs a family-but in the mean time God had called me and others to "bring the children unto Him!" and we will do whatever we can to make him famous among the Nations!
    Love you guys Sallee and love our Poppy Dips!
    Lisa G