Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hearts for Adoption!

We met this young family at Esther's dance class... became friends ... and a few nights ago had them over for dinner to get to know them better, and talk ADOPTION...
I asked if Esther and Solomon had any part in their decision... here was Alice's reply...

Macy, Esther, Arwen, Molly
(they also have a cute little boy--the oldest of the 4---but he didn't want to be in the photo!)
Of course... they all are in POPPY DIPS!!
notice the cute 'imma beans'
the fun name given to her cute hair flowers!!
Alice is planning on putting a page on their blog to sell these
imma beans
as fundraising for their adoption journey!!

"Those two had a HUGE part in our decision to adopt. It was always in our hearts.... tucked away in the back someplace....well, until we met you guys at Ballet then it kinda became front and center. It was through your blog that I found other stories and it just became a snowball effect. I for sure would never have thought of Ethiopia without you either!
So thanks a TON!"

Esther and Solomon are just smitten with baby Arwen!!
Solomon keeps asking ...
"if we can get a baby like this?!"...

Our hearts are ready to hear just the one God has for our family...
this waiting is SO hard!!


  1. I am praying for you all this morning. The waiting is SO hard at times. Praying for you often and the sweet one God has for your family.

    I hate that I wasn't quick enough for Esther's recycled Poppy Dips--the scrappy one is one of my faves:) I need to order more soon.

    rebekah wright

  2. I am just wondering if ya'll put on your application somewhere, "Please send us the cutest kids in Ethiopia." Cause I think that's who you got.