Friday, December 31, 2010


Dear Poppy Dip Supporters,
We have been to Ethiopia to see our son-- passed our court hearing-- and have returned home WITHOUT him to simply await our embassy date so we may return to pick him up and bring him home forever.

Long story short...
I was going to travel to pick him up... but upon meeting him... hearing his story (as we met his birth father-- )... seeing the connection made between Montie and Samson Jude... we feel that BOTH us of need to go to get him.

We are making a plea if anyone of you might feel led to give-- even just $10

You may click on the link below for a contribution (tax) credit in 2010... scroll down on the page to the 'donate' button and it will direct you to the PAYPAL page

please put COUCH 997 Adoption in the 'purpose'
Year End Giving Deadline: Donations must be received, postmarked or, in the case of credit card giving, charged by 12/31/10 in order for the donation to receive contribution credit in 2010.

the CHIP-IN/Plane tickets button at the top left side bar is also a way you may give... but will not count towards a tax credit.


  1. Consider it done! I'm blessed to help!

  2. It's my joy to have a part in uniting Samson with his forever family. I don't know you but believe in what you are doing, and pray I'll have the same experience one day soon. (I'm an adoptee myself, and know all too well the blessing of being chosen to be loved.)
    Blessings, Carol

  3. Oh Sallee...I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to return home without your handsome little guy. I pray that he is home soon!

    Love and blessings,