Sunday, January 30, 2011

where did this cute shirt come from?

Help!! I can't remember (please don't be offended!!) where I bought these cute shirts that my silly boys are wearing?? And I do remember that YOU donated another for a fundraiser that I was involved in...

Please if you know or if it's me :)

Thank you!!

got my answer!!

Oh-- I have another one to match Solomon for Samson Jude!!


    I remember you winning their contest and we ordered some of their shirts too. LOVE those shirts!

  2. i want some too!~ pass it to me once you find out~! did you google it?

  3. I have a couple also and they are super comfy.

  4. so glad you found us! didn't get to read blogs yesterday! we are so excited about samson jude! also...I need to send you a pic of our girls in their winter poppy dips.