Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Little Girls!

"My 2 year old *lives* in these little dresses and I am constantly being asked where I got them! I love the funky/fresh fabrics that Sallee chooses and the trims that she uses to coordinate just make you smile! It's eye candy! These sweet little dresses are a far cry from the same old look of THE GAP or the other dime-a-dozen stores.... thanks Sallee - we LOVE THEM! "

"Helen 7 and Julia 5 LOVE their new dresses and can't wait for their new
baby sister, Lucy Lane, to arrive home from Ethiopia so she can wear her new
dress and match her big sisters. The girls pulled out one of their dolls to
stand in for our REAL Lucy Lane arriving home in June."

Esther thinks her dress is great for puddle jumping!

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  1. Ok, so the pics are GREAT. You are doing such a good job with all of this...I'm so excited for you, kristi