Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solomon Natnael

big boxes make the best toys!!

before with hair...after without hair!!

Solomon has hated having his hair combed, washed, or even touched ever since he came into our family. So Daddy buzzed his sweet little head--and forgot to put the guard on to leave just a tiny bit of hair! Oh well.......summer is officially here at our home!!


  1. I love your fun collages!!! You did it:))
    There is another site that is also easy & makes super cool moving collages. Remind me to send you the link. Zoie wore her SUPER COOL Poppy Dip dress today at church. ohhhhh myyyy did she get the compliments!!
    your friend

  2. do we set up our 15 yr olds in the future:)))LOL Awesome M melts my mommy heart:) Your family is stunning!!!

  3. Oh my goodness,he is sooo cute!!