Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Beds--Silly Glasses--New Shirts!!

We are in the process of 'fixing' Esther's room and finishing up our I made a request to the most AMAZING carpenter in the world- Montie-my very own!!-- who can build ANYTHING!!--- to make Esther a dolly bed..... He brought this cute crib home today....... Esther promptly lined her babies up in the crib... 'just like the orphanage' she said!!
I can't wait to show photos of ALL the furniture in her room (once it's painted and finished) that HER DADDY has made (well he's made almost ALL of our furniture in our house!!)..... We're SO blessed!!

He also made Tink a bed!! He builds the most fun furniture out of junk!! take a look... Silo Studios sells his creations on Studio Thursdays --open to the public!! Shawn is a very talented artist as well that has her art for sale and also adding/creating touches to the furniture.... (and is a dear friend!!)........ This is an adventure in itself--visiting the amazing silo house that Montie built!! Remember I said he is "the most AMAZING carpenter in the world"!!
click on Silo Studios and click on Studio Thursdays up above

on a different note....

Our boys in their silly glasses....... When Montie and I had the privilege of going to Ethiopia in 2004 to help on a medical mission team with some of our friends there in Addis Ababa--- Montie was busy building the 'shintabet' (outhouse/bathroom) and I helped to entertain the children while they waited for literally hours with their mamas to be seen by the medical team --as neither Montie or myself are in the category of 'medical'!! I made hundreds of these silly glasses as the children just LOVED them!! What a blessed memory this stirred in me, when we pulled out the pipe cleaners today for some fun!!

Esther and Solomon love their name shirts!! 'Rebekah' is sewing them for their adoption (and I can't do applique sewing!!) click on 'Rebekah' above and click on 'shop'!!

Remember the contest !! POPPY DIP dress #'s are climbing!!

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  1. your family is amazing! somehow i knew that montie was a carpenter! so awesome----love the shirts, too! :))