Monday, June 8, 2009

Today is Esther's 3rd GOTCHA DAY!!!

Meeting our little Esther in Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA on JUNE 8, 2006!!

Home at last--June '06....celebrating 1st BIRTHDAY--Nov '06!!
little love
Celebrating Esther's 2nd BIRTHDAY--Nov '07!!!

Esther's 2nd GOTCHA DAY 2008!!

Esther on her 3rd BIRTHDAY--Nov '08!!

Today, JUNE 8, 2009 we celebrated Esther Yordanos's 3rd GOTCHA DAY!!
We LOVE LOVE LOVE you so much Esther!!


  1. She had to be the cutest little baby. Esther, you are such a sweet, beautiful little girl!

  2. Oh Sallee,
    Your Esther is absolutely beautiful!
    Congratulations on having your daughter for 3 years now. Isn't God so good?

    I would also like to thank you for the beautiful dress that you made for Chloe. It looked perfect on my little Guatemalan Princessa. I only wished you made clothes for little boys too.
    I have posted on my blog your info and shared with my family & friends about you making these wonderful dresses to help bring home another one of "God's perfect gifts".
    I know that God is truly going to bless what you are doing!!!!!!!
    I am so excited to follow your journey.