Saturday, November 14, 2009


Photos are such fun... to capture memories... well today Esther and Solomon were in a photo shoot for a local childrens shop ... so I thought I'd click some too, even though mine are not the quality from the photographer. Both of them had such fun and did such a good job!!

...waiting their next turn...

"Um Es, what dance move is that?"
this is Sol's new smile? more of a 'scrunchy' face ~ but this is the new look when someone tells him to 'SMILE' !

she LOVED it!!

...Looks like a little man!

We are so SO blessed with our children... ALL of them... It's lots of hard work and lots of self-sacrifice of our time, but ALL worth it!! God is good! He has blessed us abundantly! and we can't wait for our next little one to be captured in the camera lense too !!

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  1. Your little models are simply precious. They are so adorable.