Saturday, November 21, 2009

POPPY DIPS for Darya

So far... 10 POPPY DIP dresses and 1 TWIRL!! that's $290 in helping little Darya to come home!! Thank you!!

Please go and read this blog of the Hollis Family...

The Lord let our paths cross ~ I just met this family ~ what an inspiration... their faces just radiate His love...
five kids ~3 bio/2 adopted ~ two of them have Down Syndrome ~ see the button on the side with the cute little girl (Hope) in pig-tails and glasses ~ and now this family is working on another vision... starting out with working to earn money for Reece's Rainbow a Down Syndrome advocacy site ......then the vision became more specific!!

Lydia (one of their daughters - 11 yr. old!!) fell in love with a little girl on Reece's Rainbow ~ Darya. Melanie (the mom) told Lydia that if she could raise $20,000, the Hollis family would adopt Darya, a little girl with Down Syndrome who is living in a Russian orphanage without a hope in the world.

.... children with Down Syndrome in other countries, such as the Ukraine and Russia, are removed from the orphanages and placed into mental institutions where they are sentenced to life in a crib. Even though they may have the ability to walk and run, these children are never allowed out of the crib for exercise. Even though they may speak, they are never spoken to again. And even though they may desire hugs and kisses, these children are never embraced again. Most die the first year. It is tragic... fed just enough food to satisfy but never enough to fill....just because they have Down Syndrome.

Darya is left in her crib most of the time with no one to love on her, hold her, or interact with her ~ So... Lydia and her giant faith has started praying that God will bring $20,000 to the family by Thanksgiving! She has figured out that if she could just get 200 people to give $100 then they would have the money and they could let Darya know by Thanksgiving that she has a family. (Lydia raised $800 ~ one day after her campaign began! ) The love of others continues to pour in...

.... the local Fox News Channel called to request a live interview on Thanksgiving morning for Lydia to publicly announce her earnings!!

I am on the Lydia bandwagon ...

How about you??

I wonder what this will do for Lydia's ask God for $20,000.00 to save an orphan by Thanksgiving.....and then to receive. I wonder what this would do for your faith and for my faith.

..... here's a quote from Melanie from one post ...

"What is He calling you to do? Are you crazy in love with Him today? Are you crazy enough to allow His love to flow through you in a way that makes no sense to the world around you? I am. He took me through a fierce storm to toss me around a bit and shake me up, but on the other side, seeing more clearly than I have ever seen before, I am ready to be that crazy person.....crazy in love with My Father......anxious to show love to others because of His crazy love for me!!!"

So in hopping on the bandwagon....I am going to donate all money from POPPY DIP orders ~ today through Thanksgiving~ to help bring Darya home!! You may order and pay on my paypal on my home page. I'll then send that money to Lydia for Darya!!
please remember, contact me first to make sure I have your fabric choice on hand!!

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