Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SALE!! today

new POPPY DIP dresses $20 each $3 shipping contact me if you want one!! or more
left to right...
kids choir 18 months
sweet tooth mini cupcakes 18 months
mosaic roses 18 months SOLD!!

wildwood green/pink 24 months
iron work turquoise 24 months
sweet pea daisy red 24 months SOLD!!

mezzanine pinks 2T SOLD!!
sally swirl 2T
lily pond pink 2T SOLD!!
chocolate cupcakes 2T

iron work turquoise 3T SOLD!!
lily pond blue/yellow 3T SOLD!!
check-a-dot 3T

from left to right...
girly girl pink vines 4 SOLD!!
girly girl berry reflection 4 SOLD!!
kids choir 4 SOLD!!

sweet tooth yellow 5 SOLD!!
prairie bursts 5 SOLD!!
loopy vintage floral 5 SOLD!!

check-a-dot 6 SOLD!!
sports girls 6 SOLD!!

girly girl blooming flower chain 7 SOLD!!
sweet pea daisy red 7 SOLD!!
kids choir 7 SOLD!!


  1. I hope this comment lands in your inbox. I would like the prarie burst size 5 and the check a dot size 6 for my Liberian princesses. Is is just $3 shipping or $6 for two and can I do paypal on the other page?
    Jenny at

  2. Jenny,
    I sent you an email just now.........let me know if you don't get it? thanks :) Sallee

  3. Sallee,

    I'd like the prairie bursts 5. Let me know if you get this. My email is



  4. Lindsey,
    All size 5's are SOLD! sorry........ I need to make BIG batch of this size :)
    I'll email you.......Sallee

  5. Hi, I am interested in size 3 for the Kids Choir and the Lily Pond Pink. Do you have those available?

    How do I hear back from you?

  6. Tracie,
    I'll email you!! :)
    You can use the 'contact' button at the top of the page and it should direct you to my email?
    thanks Sallee

  7. Wow, glad your sale went well today!!

  8. Hi,

    Is this how I order? I'd like the Ironworks Turquoise dress in 24m/2T. This is the FIRST piece of clothing that I've bought for my daughter-to-be and the FIRST DRESS EVER that I've purchased. :) I haven't even made her one of my own blankets yet...