Friday, January 29, 2010

SNOW???? and ice??

So we're suppose to get SNOW? schools have closed!?! ~ 'home' school is open !! to my kids' chagrin!!
hope we don't get the predicted ICE........we live in too many trees to have limbs and branches breaking off and stabbing into the ground!! and our roof!!
Snuggle down and stay warm!!

little update!! we have 2" already!!! the kids say 'whoo hoo' !!
and now ~ 5" !!!

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  1. I am SO excited! I returned a week ago from Bulgaria, and the first trip to meet our girls! I now know their size and can FINALLY order them each a dress!!! I have been waiting for a year to do this! I hope to bring them home by mid to late April, God willing! :)