Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Need as last minute VALENTINE Poppy Dip?

ALL SOLD!! thank you thank you thank you!!

Whipped up a couple Valentine POPPY DIPS........
will ship TODAY!!
$15 + $5 Priority Mail shipping (to get it to you FAST!!)
hit 'contact' at the top

left to right
What a Hoot size 2 SOLD!!
All My Heart Strawberry size 3 SOLD!!
Chinese Take Out (not really 'Valentine' !! but had it made) size 2T SOLD!!
All My Heart Strawberry size 5 SOLD!!


  1. Glad you sold all your dresses, Sallee. I can't wait for Merry to wear HER Valentine's PoppyDips dress. I've been saving it for the homeschool group party this Friday.

  2. Bummer...the one day I was away from my computer ALL DAY. Maybe next time. Thanks for emailing me about the sale. ~ Debra M