Monday, February 15, 2010

She LOVES love LOVEs it straight!!

Esther's dream has come true.... after a fun visit with some friends yesterday... we learned how to 'do' Esther's hair in a new style!! She was delighted!! It makes her look so much older!! And so Madison dressed her in yellow to brighten these awfully cold, snowy, dreary days and captured just how delighted our little Miss Esther is with her new 'do'!!
I really love her curls ! so a quick dip in the bath will do the trick !


  1. oh my goodness--- just when you think that child couldn't possibly be more beautiful! love her big girl look! madison is a wonderful photographer!

  2. My niece has hair just like Esther but they have not tried straightening it yet. Esther is absolutely adorable with straight or curly hair.


  3. ahhhhhh, oh she hurts me she's so cute!! She should be a poster child for Ethiopian adoption!! I'm still a fan though of that giant curly hair..:)kj

  4. She looks all grown up with straight hair. Its pretty, but she has beautiful curls! I love her curls. She is a beautiful girl anyway she wears her hair.