Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SHOUT!! it out.... RUN for a CAUSE!!

Room for One More advocates for the orphan. Room for One More is passionate about helping orphan children all over the world find loving homes and families through adoption grants (ADOPTION AID), encouraging foster parenting (FOSTER A CHILD), helping children in orphanages that may never be adopted with food, shelter, medical care and an education (ORPHAN CARE) and to raise awareness for the urgent need to adopt a child with special needs to keep them from a lifetime of institutionalized living (SPECIAL NEEDS).
Lets help support our Adoption friends at Room for One More!!!!

RUNNING for ONE MORE... April 24 in Nashville, Tennessee
Room for One More founders and friends will be running in the Country Music Nashville 1/2 marathon April 24. They will get sponsorships and ALL donations collected will go directly to adoption aid to help families offset the high cost of adoption and bring their children home!
29 runners so far have registered to run the Nashville Country Music Half Marathon on April 24
Running for One More has been accepted as one of the
Official Charities of the Run!!!!

Please support ROOM FOR ONE MORE by...

1. Buying Running for One More T-Shirts (logo below!!) to help raise funds and awareness! You can buy them online at roomforonemorechild.org

2. Buy and shirt and come to the race to be apart of the race celebration! or sponsor a runner!!

3. Join the race and run for Running for One More.

All donations collected from the run go directly toward adoption grants to help bring our children home!!

Please pass the word and let's make a difference!!

This is sweet little Ella... sewing POPPY DIPS for this little sweetie... brought our family to learn and know.... ROOM FOR ONE MORE!!

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