Sunday, March 21, 2010

So I missed it....

....missed the 1st day of SPRING for when I was planning to have a TWIRLS for GIRLS POPPY DIP sale!! BUT the calender in my head is about 1 week behind...and then with the crazy time change... I'm really behind... BUT I have been sewing like a mad woman!! and have lots of ready made skirts to sell at sale price to you...

SO... let's have a 1st 'business' day of SPRING sale on Monday!!

for 'ready-made' TWIRLS I'll offer some in different lengths
... all you need to know is her length/waist... so measure your little girl today!! (from waist to knee or where you like the hem to hit for length) (and around her waist) then you supply her waist measurement and I'll put in the custom size of elastic to fit her just right.
Let Iris do the honor of modeling her feeling groovy POPPY DIP TWIRL!!


  1. I found you blog through another adoption site and I cannot wait to order some things for my 3 year old daughter. I wanted to check and see how you want me to measure her length. Thanks.

  2. Hi Ginny,
    For TWIRLS- measure her waist around ... and from waist to knee as these skirts look very cute above or right at her knee.
    For POPPY DIP DRESSES - measure from her shoulder seam down her back to hem... and choose a size... make sure you don't size up as you don't want the neckline to fall off... so I can always make any size longer than what the FAQ page states on lengths...
    Thanks so much and hope to hear back from you !!

  3. Super! Last question- when it comes time to order, do I just do that through the comment section or do I need your email? Please forgive me if that information is on here somewhere. Thanks

  4. Hi Ginny...
    at the top there is a contact button... if that doesn't work, here is my email :)to place a custom order... email is best
    maybe give it a 'test' try this evening and make sure all is working for you :)
    thanks Sallee