Friday, February 4, 2011

claire bella doodle dots! Saturday auction!

Here is the POLKA POPPY DIP auction for Saturday...
every day except Sunday -- until we get notice of our embassy date to bring our Samson Jude home!! --or until I'm too tired!

Here's how it works...
posted is the fabric
Claire Bella Doodle Dots ~dress fabric
Clarie Bella Popcorn ~ ruffle fabric (and if you want sleeves to match ruffle)

You contact me with your bid for a short sleeve POPPY DIP dress
--any size 12 mo up to size 7--
use the contact button at the top (not the comment section)
bids start at $35 ($5 increments)

I'll post the highest bid
--auction over each day at 5pm

FINAL BID $55 !!

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