Friday, September 2, 2011

Auction #5 ~ Sept. Teal month DONE!!

Currently: I am doing great... moments of crying... but feeling well. Thank you all for your many prayers and encouragement.... I anticipate chemo treatment #5 (of six) this coming Thursday--Sept. 8th --- September being TEAL month in Tell Every Amazing Lady about ovarian cancer... I'd be glad to have any questions you might have... just contact me with button at the top.... and now for the next cute teal fabric....

Auction Fabric #4.... PEACOCK in TEAL.... you choose your size and style (look on home page for styles)............... CONTACT button at top with your bid... starts at $20 (no shipping charge).... ends Saturday at 5pm (central).......FINAL bid $50


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and back to sewing some. I LOVE this fabric and will send in my bid. God bless you and be well, sweet friend. You remain in my prayers! <><


  2. Ah haha! Did you add central for me?! Because it DOES help to remind us non central folks. This fabric is GORGEOUS!

  3. Hi Sallee!
    I just wanted to send you an encouraging word and let you know I have prayed for you since I first read about your cancer. I found your blog last year and fell in love with your dresses!
    We are waiting for Embassy clearance for 4 siblings from Ethiopia and 2 are girls! :) Hope to catch your next auction or sale as I seem to always check after the fact! :) Praying for you for your next treatment!
    Love, Tracy