Monday, September 19, 2011

Circles Circles Circles! n Stripes Auction #10 DONE

September ~ the TEAL month ~ meaning Tell Every Amazing Lady about Ovarian Cancer ~ taking bids for whatever you might like : Poppy Dip dress short or long sleeve/ pants/ twirl. take a look at the HOME page for styles... I can see this print in a short sleeve dress with a little brown cardigan and leggings... or in a pair of pants in the stripe with a circles circles circles tunic top and brown cardigan...but you choose and just let me know on the contact button at the top! Bids start at $20 and increase by $ ends this evening at 6 pm central ~separate bid for each piece.

circles circles circles~final bid $60

stripes~final bid $60


this will be the last fabric auction for a while... but I have some sewed up surprises to post each day this week!! keep watching :)

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