Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

So Happy Birthday to today is my 39th birthday!! this blog is new to me and SUCH fun!
All credit for this goes to the button above. THANK YOU Jen!
Tomorrow I'll post some photos of some happy little girls in my dresses...check back...

Today was such a fun day with lots of birthday phone calls, shopping and lunch out with my big girls (while Bama kept the younger 3!), finding my new blog all set up, the most superb dinner cooked by my hubby and girls, and LOTS of noise!! (mostly from my squeals of excitement)

Adoption news... we are waiting on some news and when it comes to'll come to you!!



  1. Sallee - Happy Birthday!

    I just found out about you by visiting Kristi's blog!

    Your dresses are adorable!

    I would like to find out about pricing and also if you would be interested in doing a give-away on my blog. I host a weekly give-away and get lots of traffic each week.

    I'm a Mom of 8 - 6 through international adoption in the last 3 yrs. 5 from Guatemala and 1 just home 3 months ago from Ethiopia!

    God bless and I look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Jill
    Scroll to the top of the page and you can see the options of going to my 'other pages'... home, faq, about me, etc......... Yes you can grab my button from my home page and put it on your blog. email me about your give-away! blessings, Sallee

  3. Happy Birthday Sallee!!! Your blog is looking soooo good!!! kristi