Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DTE---Adoption NEWS!!

We are DTE--- translated--- DOSSIER TO ETHIOPIA!!!!
Now the wait begins....
A dossier is the BIG packet of papers with all the needed documents that have been notarized, authenticated, stamped.... now sent on to Ethiopia ... to be translated and matched with that perfect little child that God has ordained before the foundations of the world to be one of ours'!!
So we wait for our 'referral'...

so with that news... I've also added new fabrics (take a look ~ page option at top)


  1. congratulations!! so happy for you!

  2. Very exciting! Praying that the process moves smoothly and quickly! By the way, LOVE your creations - as soon as we get our 5 yr old daughter home from China I'll have to stop by and order her something!

  3. First of all, congratulations on getting your dossier to Ethiopia! That is so exciting!!!!
    Secondly, we love our Poppy Dips! I will email you some pictures soon. Ella is in love with her dress and wants to show everyone how cute she is with her new dress, and older sis, age 7, now wants a few! I expect some more Poppy Dips coming our way! They are just too cute! Thank you so much.

  4. Exciting news!!! I'm so happy for you.

  5. I am so happy for you!!!! I hope it moves quickly. When you get your referral...if I'm anywhere close to him/her...I would love to go hug and kiss them for you...let me know.